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Tired of looking for a montreal apartment online only to discover that when you visit in person the apartment looks nothing like the photos you saw online ? solves this problem. is not just another 'yellow pages' type of website advertising montreal apartments online. All the buildings and apartments you see on have been reviewed by staff. You can be assured that what you see on the website is as closeas it can be to what each apartment actually looks like in person.

The owners and managers of the building and apartments you see on are not just paying for advertisement, they are clients with whom a 1 to 1 realtionship has been established, often for decades. have reviewed and photograph almost every apartment. You can be assured that at the photos you see are representative of the apartment being advertised. Only clients building and apartments are listed.


Below are pages for most popular searches:


Montreal has many heighbourhoods all with their own style and characteristics, below are a few favorite neighbourhoods and the reasons why renters like them.


A description about Montreal's unusual naming conventions, what is a 2 1/2 ?

Below are explanations of the different apartment sizes that are used in Montreal followed by helpful links that categorize some of the available apartments on inspect and personally view almost every apartment advertised which makes the information and photos accurate and reliable. You can be assured that on if a Montreal apartment is described as having a "Beautiful view", it has a beautiful view. By eliminating a lot of the 'fake info' and 'noise' that is typical of many apartment websites you save time and energy with every visit, every search. Finding an apartment is stressful and time consuming enough and the last thing you want to deal with is all the exagerrated descriptions and tricky photos, which is why was created. After many frustrating experiences of looking for Montreal apartments online, the idea to create was born, A site that cuts through the noise and junk to provide renters with reliable unbiased information on Montreal apartments.

The city of Montreal has a unique way of describing it's apartment sizes, using (1/2's or halfs). What does that mean?

Lets try to break down the apartment sizes used in Montreal:

Square footage is the most accurate measure of determining an apartments size. Unfortunately most apartments do not list the square footage.

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